Colour & racism, tokens & shame

Trump era - the rising right & lived experiences
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The following questions are around demographic information, this is optional for you to complete, but, we feel it is really important information to help us ensure we are a diverse and inclusive publication. We want to show case works from diverse communities and identities.

We have found that different cultural backgrounds, different communities and different social groups use various types of visual languages and aesthetics; sometimes, we may not be aware of these differences or important language variations. Asking for the demographic information is a way for us to be constantly checking in with our own unconscious bias when we are curating each publication.

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Each artist will be given a double page spread, ideally we would like to showcase 1-4 works + your artist statement. A body of work would be great, or a single work with various detail images provided.

If you are selected as a feature artist, you will be contacted for an expanded artist statement and larger images.


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As there is an equal profit share there is an equal responsibility to promote your involvement in the issue if your contribution is accepted. Please post & share your involvement during the issue promo period. We create some great promo graphics for you to use! Check our socials feed for examples.

Please note: While we have all topics available for you to view, each topic will have a specific call out period. Submissions will only be accepted for a specific topic during the call out for that topic. Each call out period, for each topic, will be clearly communicated at the top of the contribute page and on NC socials.

Each submission, in some way, must respond to the current topic call out to be considered.
Each submission must discuss, dissect, illustrate, express, examine or respond to the current topic.

The current topic is: RACISM.